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Headshot Prices


Theatrical and Commercial

2 looks   $399

3 looks   $450..

This included 3 retouched photographs sent via dropbox within a few days of the session.

We are not clock watchers. We shoot only one actor per day and spend time customizing what best works for you before you step in the door.

We like to discuss what roles you want to audition for and build your shots around that.

Each package includes the shoot in our fantastic studio,

changing and makeup room with clothing rack, coffee, tea, water and snacks. 

Once the session is booked I will send you helpful information on hair and makeup artists you can hire if you will need them. Tips on the best clothes to wear and some links to video's that will get you ready for the day.

We take cash, check and most major credit cards

Call 818 620 3030 to book now

Thank you